Kasungu Youth Club Plants 3,000 Trees

As one way of helping replace forest cover Kasungu based Kawaye Youth club has planted 3,000 trees.

The trees were planted at Katchereza primary school in the area of Traditional Authority Lukwa in the district on Tuesday.

According to the chairperson of Kawaye Youth Club Michael Phiri, the exercise will help in curbing some problems that come due to wanton cutting down of trees.

“There are problems that have come about because of the trees that have been cut down and it was proper for us as young people to plant these trees.

“There is climate change which has come about partly because of the cutting down of trees. Apart from this, the trees we have planted today will serve an important purpose as they will give us firewood, medicines, and they also help in reducing problems caused by climate change,” said Phiri.

In his remarks, Senior Forestry Assistant, Richard Chatchuka urged the young people to remember to take good care of the trees they have planted.

“It is very pathetic that many people forget to look after their trees which they plant. This is not encouraging as these trees need to be taken good care of for them to survive,” Chatchuka said.

The exercise was supported by Good Health Youth Organisation (GHYO) and the Project Officer for the organization, Seba Mwetheya said youths of Kawaye have done a commendable job of sustaining the environment.

“We are very much delighted today to see the youth of this area coming up with the idea of planting trees which will be helpful to many people. This is a commendable work as the youth have always been encouraged to take up leading roles in their communities,” said Mwetheya.

GHYO is implementing a project called Enhancing Youth Participation in Governance funded by Plan Malawi.