Henry Mussa is the choice

As days are cruising fast hitting close towards the much awaited May water tight elections, political parties are leaving no stone unturned promising what they in tend to do once they are voted in power come May this year.

Speaking in Chiladzulu on Saturday Democratic Progressive Party Runningmate Everton Chimulirenji assured thousands of people who gathered at Makusa CDSS that only Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has the magic to unlock and continue developments in this country.

Mamoth crowd at Henry Mussa’s rally

Unlike other political party leaders who castigates other party leaders, Chimulirenji was cool and composed throughout his speech.

He said Mutharika has managed to change the face of Malawi within five years that he has been in power.

Henry Mussa posing for a photograph with a friend, DPP’s Vice President for the North Goodall Gondwe and DPP’s Presidential Running Mate Everton Chimulirenji.

He gave example of Area 49 and City Centre dual carriageway saying Lilongwe is no longer the same.

Chimulirenji warned people not to be carried away by liars saying they do not have welfare of people at heart.

“As we are going closer to the polls, you will be seeing alot of people coming to you begging for votes, some of these people are liers and have no agenda for this country its only DPP with Professor Mutharika with passion for this country,” Said Chimulirenji.

During the rally Henry Mussa spoke to set the vision on how he intends to continue developing the constituency.

All speakers made it clear that Henry Mussa is the choice and source of political solace.

From 1999 the second life of multiparty democracy Henry Mussa has embraced all regardless of political frontier and this is what people are looking for.

“We are set to vote and endorse Hon Mussa in this area and Professor Mutharika as President to continue with his development agenda.”said Martin Banda a vendor.

Other senior National Governing Council  members who attended the rally included Minister of Finance, Goodall Gondwe, Director of Elections Ben Phiri just to mention a few.