Heavy Rains Disrupts Voter Verification Exercise

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) says that heavy rains which have been falling in most parts of the southern region has affected the voter verification exercise in Phalombe district.

District Elections Officer for Phalombe, Stanley Masala said that despite the exercise going on well, the commission is facing transport problems in hard to reach areas as some of its vehicles are stuck in mud.

“Verification exercise has started well in Phalombe, but we have been having transport problems in some parts of the district. Some vehicles are being stuck in mud when going to monitor the exercise.” Said Masala.

Having the exercise being conducted during rainy season, residents from Njalo center in Phalombe North East constituency have been affected with the high water levels.

According to Masala, Njalo residents have moved to the nearest area which is Makhanga and their names are being verified there.

The Commission is currently conducting its third phase of voter verification exercise in Mangochi, Balaka, Machinga, Zomba, Chiradzulu, Luchenza Municipal, Phalombe and Mulanje.

Third phase of the exercise started on the 26th December and is expected to end on the 30th December this year.- Takondwa Velemu-MEC Stringer.