Exit Mighty DPP Victory Rally, Enters Thanksgiving Prayers

By Mphatso Sam

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President for the South, Kondwani Nankhumwa has proposed that the party and its supporters should hold prayers and observing fasting following the victory at the May 21 Tripartite Elections.

He was speaking during a DPP victory rally at the Njamba Freedom Park, requesting President Peter Mutharika to set aside a day where the party would be involved in prayer and fasting as part of thanks giving for the triumph in the elections.

“Your Excellency, I would like to ask you to set a date where the DPP and its supporters across the country will convene to have prayers and fasting service. We don’t need to host the event at an expensive place or in a hotel.

“For Malawians in distant places but would have loved to come and join us; they can do the same in their villages or localities by going to the mountains to testify and give thanks for the DPP and its leader’s victory during the elections,” Nankhumwa suggested.

He thanked DPP followers for putting up a wonderful job during the campaign period and other stakeholders including the clergy who put Mutharika and the DPP in prayers which earned it (DPP) victory during the elections.

“As it is written in the Bible in the book of Psalms Chapter 124 that if it was not for the Lord who was on our side when men arose against us, our enemies would have devoured and swallowed us in their anger.

“God has been on our side on May 21 elections and our enemies are now bitter with us following the victory we have secured.  This is a testimony for all us here, though it was a difficult task but through collective efforts, we are here celebrating,” the DPP Vice President added.

In his address, Mutharika advised DPP followers not to be complacent with the success achieved on the May 21 polls, noting it was now time for rebuilding the party.

“Instead of holding parties in celebration, we need to go back to the drawing board and start strategizing to make the party strong at all levels and consolidate the gain achieved so far to win again in 2024,” he advised.-MANA