EGENCO Shuts Down Tedzani Power Station

The Electricity Generation Company Limited (EGENCO) on Monday, August 20, shut down its Tedzani III Unit 5 station in order to carry out major rehabilitation, modernisation and upgrading works.

According to a press release issued on Saturday by EGENCO, the main works to be carried out involves turbine rehabilitation, modernisation of machine controls, upgrading of excitation systems and upgrading of generator and generator transformer.  The work is expected to be finished on December 20, 2018 at 17:00 hours.

“With this shutdown, EGENCO generation capacity will initially be reduced by this unit’s capacity of 26 megawatts. However, these works will result in obtaining additional 5 megawatts to the current 26 megawatts to the machine,” says the press statement.

According to the statement, this means that once the works are completed, the machine will produce 31 megawatts and will become more efficient and reliable.

To cushion the shortfall, the energy generating company said that Tedzani I and II machines, which were on standstill due to inadequate water inflow in the Shire River, will now be running and be supplying a total of 30 megawatts.

“We will also be running the peaking diesel engines during peak demand hours. W, therefore, assure the public and all stakeholders that power supply to Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) will not be significantly affected and, therefore, there is no need for the public to panic,” adds EGENCO’s statement.

According to EGENCO, this will be the first major rehabilitation and modernisation work to be carried out on this machine ever since the unit was commissioned in 1995.

“According to hydropower machines operating standards, rehabilitation works have to be carried out after 15 to 20 years. This shut down is very necessary to ensure the machine is up- to-date with technology and that it restores its efficiency and reliability,” said the company.

The project is being financed by EGENCO at a cost of K6.2 billion and ANDRITZ Hydro from Austria is the contractor.