DPP’s Lipikwe pledges to help Limbe Central Ward to be accorded the major overhaul it deserves

Lipikwe (in suit) interacting with Chichiri
Primary School learners

By Duncan Mlanjira

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) aspirant councilor for the forthcoming tripartite elections, Gerald Paul Lipikwe, says that it is a pity that despite it being one of Blantyre District’s business hub, Limbe Central Ward has not improved at all and pledges that once elected he shall initiate that is be accorded the major overhaul it deserves.

Limbe Central is located in Blantyre Urban and comprises of areas such as Kanjedza Township, Mudi, Chichiri, Kanjedza police houses, Kanjedza Forest houses, whole of Limbe Market and the main Limbe Town and Lipikwe says there has been very little done to develop it further.

“I was raised in Kanjedza Township and I am still staying there. Limbe was and is the town where we shopped and did business at.

Bridge that he built that connects Kanjedza
and Limbe Town

“Limbe plays host to many business people from Mangochi, Mulanje, Zomba, Chikwawa, Nsanje, Thyolo and many parts. It is the hub of business in Blantyre District and renowned for its affordable prices for goods from Malawian of Indian origin.

“But development wise, Limbe Town and the whole ward has not enjoyed deliberate development projects it deserves befitting its status as a business hub of Blantyre Urban.

He said he is just a new kid on the block in politics as he has never contested on any political position and decided to contest as a Councillor for Limbe Central ward, not anywhere else, simply because it is the the area that he knows very well having lived in it all his life and knows what the people want it to be like.

“I am a bona fide son of Kanjedza township, which is in Limbe. It has lacked many amenities because it didn’t have proper representation at the councillor level. I decided to join in, so that I can change things for the better in Limbe Central ward.

“As you are quite aware that it is the responsibility of the councillors to handle area developmental projects, and with this, I want to make use of this in the right and proper manner, so that Limbe Town and its sorrounding areas should be better places for trade it is known for, and also a better place to live in. 


Man of the kids

“I want to transform the area to a level where everyone would want to be part of this business hub. There  are a lot of challenges being faced in Limbe Central and all these simply needs a visionary person like me to handle them. 

“I have lined up a lot of programs to help in the development of the area, from education, sanitation, health, infrastructure, social entertainment facilities as well as more initiatives that members of the area might bring as developmental ideas because my door shall be open.

“I want us together to work, develop and change our Limbe Central Ward,” said Lipikwe, who did his junior school at Limbe and Kanjedza Primary before being selected to Zingwangwa Secondary School. 

He then proceeded with education where he obtained a Diploma in Shipping and Customs Clearing, pursued a Diploma with Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and later I pursued a Diploma in Information and Technology.

He also has a Diploma in Business Administration and has worked for international transport company, GDC Haulers for 10 years as in various senior positions in operations department before establishing a family business — Suprem’ Constructions company.

He is the 7th born in family of nine of six boys and and three girls, whose parents originated from Mbelenga Village, T/A Kapichi in Thyolo District. He is married to Eve Kayira Lipikwe and have four children together, two boys and two girls.

He is up against five others who are two women and three men — three independents and and three from political parties, himself from DPP, one from UTM and the other from MCP. He defeated the incumbent during the DPP primary elections in October 2018.