Department Of Survey Very Crucial-Minister

The Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Jean Kalilani has hailed the Department of Survey because of the crucial role it plays to the national development.

The Minister made the remarks in Blantyre on Wednesday at the Department of Survey Regional Offices South on a familiarization tour of the departments under her jurisdiction where she said it was worthy coming to see where the offices are and in what state.

Kalilani noted that the Department of Survey is very critical in coming up with maps and knowing the parts of the country adding that without the department, the country would have been handicapped of its detailed information.

“They go in very difficult areas like the mountains and the bush just to bring out information of those areas. Using the gargets like GPS, they process the information gathered into cartography to put them on the map and they go through different processes until a map comes out,” she said.

She also said that she was impressed as all of the offices she toured were well maintained, painted and very clean. However, the Minister was dismayed with one room where there were big machines but very old and of no use.

The Minister then had time to chat with different professionals in the Department of Survey under her Ministry, where they voiced out their concerns and challenges they face in their day to day work.

“Financial challenge is the major problem. Besides, the department does not have enough staff despite having a lot of work to do.  Those that go in the bush complain of not having the required protective clothing,” the Minister explained.

Kalilani noted their concerns and said as government, she would follow up on the raised concerns so as to facilitate the work of the staff in the Department of Survey.