Customers accessing Airtel Money services through NBM’s MO626, TNM’s Mpamba

By Duncan Mlanjira

Airtel Malawi is in the process of intergrating their electronic money transfer, Airtel Money in partnership with National Bank of Malawi (NBM) and fellow mobile service provider TNM for their customers to send or receive funds.

A communique from NBM sent through TNM mobile phone SMS service and well circulated on social media says: “We are pleased to advise that NBM customers can now send money from an NBM account to an Airtel Money wallet using Mo626ice.

“An Airtel Money wallet holder can also send money from a wallet to an NBM account [and] the following are the steps to follow to send money from an NBM account to an Airtel Money Wallet:
– Login to Mo626ice
– Select Menu item 2: Send Money
– Select Menu item 3: To Mobile Money Wallet
– Select Menu item 2: Airtel Money
– Input the recipient’s Airtel Mobile number
– Input the amount to be sent. Please note the amount should be greater than MK200.00 and less than MK30,000.00
– Input a description and confirm the transaction

“Please note that a customer can transfer a maximum of MK30,000.00 per transaction and a cumulative total of MK100,000.00 per day [and] each transaction will attract a charge of MK200.00,” says the communique.

But several customers have been complaining that the system is not properly working. One person, to verify his concerns, tried to send Airtel airtime direct to this reporter’s number through MO626 and it failed.

Several other people expressed similar concerns on social media and this reporter tried to verify by sending money to my Airtel number for six times and it rejected after following all steps and the system told me: “The third party system fails to send a response”.

However, several other customers attested on social media that the system is working and it was also verified by NBM’s Public Relations Manager Annie Magola, who said a few members of their staff as well as customers who tried to send said it worked very well.

Airtel’s Corporate Affairs Liaison Officer Norah Chavula said their system, even though it is reported to being accessed by their customers, is still in the test mode and they shall make an official announcement once it shall be successfully up and running.

Sending money from MO626 to Mpamba and vice versa and TNM artime purchase through MO626 works perfectly well.

A lot of people have welcomed this financial business relationship that Airtel has with NBM and TNM as very beneficial.