Civil servants close down for Christmas from December 24 to January 7

The Office the President and Cabinet has announced that President Peter Mutharika has granted the days between December 24 to January be extended Christmas and New Year holidays for all civil servants and shall return to work on January 7.

The circular was issued by Chief Secretary to the Office of the President and Cabinet, Lloyd Muhara on December 10, saying the civil servants will wind up their duties on December 21.

“This granting of the public holidays for the said extended period of festivities is for civil servants only and does not mean a declaration of public holidays in Malawi,” says the circular.

“The extended holidays are meant to enable the civil servants Christmas and New Year festivities with their families and to allow them have adequate time to travel and return from various destinations during the festive season, while giving the adequate time to rest.

“I wish to point out that while some civil servants will be on extended holidays, officers whose institutions provide essential services such as hospitals, police, immigration and airports are required to remain at work.

“These categories of officers shall be allowed to take their holiday in the course of the year in order not to disrupt essential services during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

“Controlling officers for such institutions are advised to put in place proper arrangements for staff providing essential services to proceed on holidays at an appropriate and convenient time.”

Muhara advised civil servants not to use public resources whilst they are on holidays.

“May I take this opportunity to wish all civil servants a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year and please ensure safety of yourself and your families during this festive period,” Muhara said.