Church urged to Pray for Leaders

Mvama Church of Central Africa Presbyterian -CCAP church a constituent of Nkhoma Synod has advised its members to pray for their leaders  as one way of being involved in  running the affairs of the nation.

Addressing the congregation during Sunday church service on November 4, 2018in Area 49, Lilongwe Resident Minister, Reverend Chrispin Baziwelo Banda said it is the responsibility of Christians to pray for their leaders irrespective of their political affiliation so that the nation develops a conducive environment for the spread of the word of God.

He said what is called government today was started by the church during the time of the missionaries and it is not wrong for Christians to take part in politics as others think.

Preaching from Exodus chapter 1 verses 8to 22 the Reverend said Christians should pray for political leaders because governing a nation is a huge responsibility and looking after a lot of people requires wisdom from God.

“If Christians do not pray for their political leaders they will be acting like pharaoh who proved himself as an agent of the devil by making oppressive orders against children of God and he can use them without knowing,” Banda said.

Mvuma encouraged the congregants to take part in the elections that are coming next year saying that some people have resolved they will not vote because they do not see the benefit which he said it is wrong because when problems arise in a nation they affect everyone despite them having voted or not .

The reverend further advised civil servants to fear God and resist corruption saying the country depends on them for its smooth running.

“Most Christians who are civil servants have ended up in corruption because they are afraid of their seniors or because they will receive a lot of money thereby compromising the will of God.

“Christians who are in the public offices should be able to say no to corruption because God has put them in those positions as the salt and light of the world,” he said.

One of the church members, Catherine Kanyumbu who is also a youth member said praying for the leaders is the right thing for a Christian to do as it puts them on track and helps create a peaceful and God fearing nation.

She also said as a Christian she already has taken a step by registering to vote and encouraged fellow Christians to do likewise.

She concurred with the Reverend that corruption is not good and Christians should make sure that they don’t engage themselves in corrupt practices describing the vice as detrimental to development.

The Reverend Baziwelo Banda based his preaching on this month’s theme which says “Christian involvement in politics”,