Chessam national club chess champions to participate at Africa Championship in South Africa

By Duncan Mlanjira

The Chess Association of Malawi (Chessam) national club chess championship is set for July 7 and its champions shall represent Malawi at Africa Club Championship in South Africa from August 7-12.

The Chessam tournament’s venue is yet to be decided after been identified through the highest number of registered teams as hosts.

Number of players per team is five with a compulsory inclusion of a lady or Under-20 player on board. Time control will be 1 hour per player.

And there will be quite excellent cash prizes of K250,000 for champions, K200,000 for runners-up, K175,000 for third place and K150,000 for 4th. Player of tournament shall receive K25,000

The regional qualifiers are scheduled for June 29/30 with prizes staked at K50,000, K25,000, K15,000 and K10,000 for champions, runners-up, third place and 4th place respectively.

Registration fee per club is K10,000 per club and the registration deadline is Friday, June 28.

According to Chessam, the regional champions will qualify for national championship while the runners-up from the region with highest number of registered teams shall also qualify.

Chessam also says it shall not meet team expenses on travel, accommodation or meals for the national finalists as the regional prizes have been designed to cater for all that. 

“However, Chessam might provide refreshments on the day of the national finals and will be fully responsible for the club traveling to South Africa Club Championship.

“Only players registered with Chessam will be allowed to participate in both the regional and national championships. Schools, colleges and institutions are free to register their clubs provided they have registered players,” said Chessam in a communique.