Chanco DPP Wing Elects New Leaders

By Evance Chisiano

The Chanco Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) wing has elected Hope Nazombe and Kenneth Mbawa as president and vice-president respectively during the wing’s elections during the weekend.

Both Nazombe and Mbawa went unopposed during the elections at Chancellor College in Zomba on Saturday.

Present during the elections was DPP Deputy National Youth Director, Connex Muhuwa who advised the newly elected office bearers to advance the DPP development agenda.

“Let the Chanco DPP Wing emulate the DPP visionary leadership,” Muhuwa said adding that the Chanco DPP wing has roles and responsibilities to contribute to national development and democracy agenda rather than indulging in political violence.

Nazombe was elected into the DPP youth presidency in absentia as it was reported that he had gone to attend a funeral.

In his acceptance speech, Mbawa commended fellow Chanco Youth Wing for having faith in him as vice-president.

He pledged Chanco wing’s support for the party to fulfill its development and democratic agenda.

“I will ensure that DPP remains strong here at Chancellor College and surrounding areas,” said Mbawa, adding that the party’s wing at Chanco would strive to deliver in line with the State President’s development agenda.

The newly elected DPP Chanco students’ wing said will continue giving the DPP adequate support to ensure the party remains in power.

Nazombe has succeeded Muhuwa who is currently serving as Deputy DPP National Youth Director while Mbawa has succeeded Tifu Kadzitche.