Brown Mpinganjira drums up support for Nsanje South West DPP aspirant

Mpinganjira addressing the gathering

By Andrew Mukhuwa, MEC Stringer

Renowned politician Brown Mpinganjira has assured the electorate of Nsanje South West constituency that if they vote into Parliament DPP candidate, Helen Buluma they will secure development projects as the party will continue ruling after May 21 Tripartite Elections.

Mpinganjira made the remarks on Wednesday at Dinde Primary School in South West constituency in the district where he addressed a rally that the DPP aspirant organised to brief people on developmental activities government plans to do in the district and mobilize support for the aspirant.

“I am so proud to tell you that the government of Malawi under the leadership of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has finally made its promise come true by commencing the building of Nsanje-Marka road. This is what the people of Nsanje have been looking for.

Buluma,Nsanje South West aspirant

“I urge you therefore that you should vote for the DPP candidate Helen Buluma, whose initiative has made the construction of this road materialise and I hope you are not ready to lose such a candidate,” Mpinganjira said.

He dismissed the assertions that government was building the road as a bait to woo support for the ruling DPP, saying the project will continue and all processes have been completed.

“I am the chairperson for Roads Authority myself and there criterion used to give a particular road specific kilometres, but for the Nsanje-Marka road it will be completed in the given 18 months period,” he said.

In her remarks, Buluma said she was pleased that after asking government to consider the completion of Nsanje-Marka road, it positively responded and that will inspire people to vote.

“This very act of completing building this road is an assurance already that this government is committed to develop our area and this complements the projects the DPP government started initiating in the past. In fact, people should vote for me because we are championing same cause,” she said.

Among her priority areas if voted as an MP, Buluma pledges help people access clean piped water, improved schools, job opportunities for the youth and access to food.

Buluma is contesting against the incumbent Chidanti Malunga of UTM and two others, an independent and MCP candidates in the forth coming Tripartite Elections.