By: Harold Macbrey

A political survey report reveals that the DPP will win the 2019 elections.

“In terms of voting intentions, in the presidential, parliamentary and local government races, the ruling DPP was ahead in the national vote, followed very closely by the MCP”, the report concludes.

IPOR (Institute of Public Opinion & Research) finalised this research by August this year. The research report is titled “POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT TOWARDS THE 2019 TRIPARTITE ELECTIONS IN MALAWI”.

In the report, IPOR reveals that the DPP leads on party identification (support) with 33% ahead of MCP) (31%) and UTM (17%).

When we look at the demographics, the report reveals that the DPP appeals to all age groups, especially the youth.

The party enjoys a great balance of support across all regions. Southern Region remains DPP’s stronghold, with the MCP and UTM rejected by the voters to a mere 5 per cent to MCP and 8 per cent support to UTM.

The ruling party will have increased performance in the Central Region, coming second. However, it comes second in the North – with a very narrow margin.

Interestingly, the DPP has shown a strong performance in both urban and rural areas. This makes it a party that the people love, support, and has a universal appeal across all demographics.

Malawians listed food shortage (18%), management of the economy (16%), and poverty or destitution (7%) as top challenges the government should address. Those three areas are the key areas where the current administration has performed on very well.

Since 2014, no Malawian has died of hunger. The economy has been stable and growing, leading the SADC region in performance. Inflation remains stable under 9%. The interest rate has remained unchanged at 16%. These factors have led to the improved conditions of the lives of Malawians.

The report outcomes are in line with findings of the Economist Intelligence Unit. For five times in a row since June 2016, EIU has predicted President Peter Mutharika to win.

With or without the new political parties, the DPP remains the bedrock of hope for the future of Malawi. Government performance in developing the country, and growing the economy bears testimony to that.

The DPP is winning 2019.