UK, Malawi Volunteers Take Sexual, Reproductive Health to Mzuzu

A team of United Kingdom (UK) and Malawi volunteers has embarked on sexual and reproductive health programme in Mzuzu City and Ekwendeni.

The 46 volunteers are working under Globe Hope Mobilization (GLOHOMO) with the help from United Kingdom (UK) Aid.

Speaking Thursday when he introduced the campaign to Mzuzu City Council Executive Committee, GLOHOMO’s Executive Director Caleb Thole said the volunteers intend to reach out to many youths in through the programme.

“Currently, we are targeting Community Based Organizations (CBOs) because we want to reach as many young people as we can. We have targeted 30 CBOs from Mzuzu City like Bring Smile Organization which is in Salisbury Line, Save the Generation in Chiputula, Moyale CBO, Sonda CBO, Kaviwale CBO and other CBOs in Ekwendeni,” he explained

Thole pointed out that, “We conduct cervical cancer sensitization, and provision of condoms. Sometimes we engage the youth in sports activities under Play Malawi programme.”

The 46 volunteers were first trained by GLOHOMO before embarking on the programme.