Nyau King ‘Tay Grin Kalilani’ Prepares for Mighty DPP Primaries

The ruling Democratic  Progress Party Shadow MP for Lilongwe City Centre constituency Limbani Kalilani on Sunday painted Magwero Ward blue following his enmasse distribution of party materials to the people of the area.

The Nyau king distributed party cloth, t-shirts and caps. Speaking during his maiden visit to the area, Kalilani asked people in the ward to support and vote for him ahead of the party’s primary elections.

Kalilani also known as Tay Grin in music circle is already mobilizing resources for several development projects for the constituency.

Kalilani promised to construct a bridge connecting Area 25 and Magwero primary school using his own resources.

“I’m currently mobilizing resources to ensure that the work starts as soon as possible. Youth from this area will benefit from the construction of the bridge since the workforce will come from them, “he said.

Limbani Kalilani, who is a son to Gender minister also promised to provide business resources to people in the area.-MANA