Trouble in Nyasa Bullets, Supporters Thirsty For CEO Blood

Barely days after Nyasa Big Bullets announced the firing of their coaches, a grouping of Bullets supporters are calling for the resignation of the team’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Technical Director (TD) for failing to lead the team.

In a letter signed by the leader of the group, Chris Horis Katchile and four others, Cathy Chingwalu, Ernest Manyado, Gilbert Mafunde and Justice Dzombe, the ‘concerned Bullets supporters’ have shown disappointment in the running of the team.

The group led by Katchile is asking for the resignation of the CEO, Fleetwood Haiya and the TD, Malinda Chinyama for making the team’s decision without consulting their colleagues in the board and the supporters committee.

“We write to express our deep disappointment to Nyasa Manufacturing Company (NMC) over the ownership and the welfare of the team. [Nyasa Big] Bullets is a big team which has also a big brand whose benefits are being attained by NMC instead of the team itself.

“We understand that Nyasa is a private institution which has a motive of maximizing profits, which is hard work, for them to fulfill promises they made. They are after the money and forgetting the future of the team,” reads the statement in part.

The group also sought clarification from Noel Lipipa on why he approved the selling of the team to NMC and wants to find out if there were any hidden agreements between these two parties. Katchile also said NMC has failed to fulfill the promises made in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

“The MoU clearly states that NMC shall run the team for five years then create stocks on the market which until now, has not been done and now we are hearing that NMC is being sold to Gold Leaf Tobacco before they have fulfilled the promises.

“They said they will build three club houses in the central, southern and northern region, not forgetting the stadium for the team. They said they will buy a bus for the team which has been done but the bus is old, it just worked for a week and as of now it is not working,” Katchile said.

“We want to emphasize that we want our team back to us the supporters because they have failed to fulfill the agreement. Therefore, returning the team to supporters is what is recommended as of now,” he added.

Katchile also wants clarification on the firing of the coaches for no valid reason. The group added that failing to address the stated issues, they will go to court to challenge the process and get the team to the supporters.

Meanwhile, Nyasa Big Bullets CEO, Haiya said is yet to receive the letter from the said ‘Bullets supporters’ adding that when they do, they will discuss the raised issue with the concerned stakeholders and resolve the case.

“They have not followed the procedure. If they wanted discussions they would have gone through our Director of Supporters, Stone Mwamwadi and tell him their grievances and then the issue would be brought to the management.

“We have zone coordinators, district coordinators, region coordinators, national coordinators and the Director of Supporters. The role of these people is to ensure that the grievances of the supporters are being brought to the executive committee which then takes them to the board for final decisions,” Haiya said.

Haiya further said the grouping is not composed of Bullets’ registered supporters, hence no need for he or Chinyama to resign because the team is also run as a company.

He said: “They are not registered members, we have checked in our database, there are no such names and they say they are representing Bullets’ supporters when they themselves are not even Bullets supporters.