Operation Landslide: Eastern Region Immigration Offices Ready for Commissioning

Newly refurbished Eastern Region Immigration office in Mangochi is now ready for commissioning, Director General of the Department of Immigration; Masauko Medi disclosed this on Tuesday.

Medi who was on a pre-launch assessment visit in the district said he was impressed with the progress made in the refurbishment of the offices and that it was now ready for commissioning as the eastern region headquarters.

“Everything has worked according to our schedule and I am very impressed as controlling officer for the Immigration Department because even the surrounding of the premises tells a positive story in the management of immigration affairs in this country,” he noted.

Medi said what was remaining was for government to officially launch the facility and to conduct sensitization campaigns in the region so that people were aware that they can now register and have their travel documents processed from Mangochi.

According to the Director, about 3,000 passports have since been printed since the office started the exercise two months ago.

He added that the introduction of the facility in the district has reduced congestion in Blantyre office, urging people in the region to use the facility that is closer to them as some are still going to apply and collect their passports in Blantyre.

“Let us utilize the facility and let us not abuse it,” Medi said, adding: “The Malawi Passport is part of national identity and it’s for Malawians and not foreigners.

“It is the duty of our local leaders through chiefs and probably the District Commissioner (DC) not to authenticate non-Malawians for procession of passports because once we give passports to foreigners, then we are losing our identity as Malawians,” he observed.