Walter Continues to Cling to Power

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) president, Walter Nyamilandu has vowed not to step down despite  calls from a section of the general public for his resignation.

A section of soccer fans are baying for Nyamilandu’s head following Malawi national team’s (Flames) poor performance.

However, Nyamilandu told members of the press on Wednesday at Mpira Village that he has constitutional mandate to lead the association until December, 2019.

He emphasized that he cannot bow down to some people and that he will see off the rest of his term as entrusted by the FAM general assembly.

Nyamilandu however, insists that   he won’t seek another term of office at the forthcoming general assembly in December, 2018.

“Let me put it straight forward that my motive is to leave a lasting legacy in Malawi football. I only have 15 months left in office and this is very critical for me to work on issues that will correct the future of Malawi football,” he said.

Nyamilandu said it was wrong for some people to judge him on Flames performance only stating that Malawi had made tremendous strides in other critical areas of football development as outlined in his manifesto.

For instance, he mentioned things like promotion of women’s football through the launch of the FAM Women’s Leagues, integration of youth competitions with the launch of the FAM Under 15 leagues and Presidential Under 17 leagues.

The Malawi FA boss also said during his tenure they have acquired more sponsors and partners like the coming in of Airtel, FISD and Chitetezo Mbaula among others.

Commenting on planned demonstration by a section of the public to express their disappointment over the Flames’ 0-3 loss against Morocco in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers and calling for his resignation and of the Flames coach, Nyamilandu said the concerned people should have used the right channel to communicate their grievances rather than using threats and turning football into war.

“We have discovered that the motives for the march were not necessarily about Flames’ performance in Morocco but were being championed for [football] political reasons which ultimately sought to seek a leadership change or a coup at FAM,” said Nyamilandu.