Pastors Concerned with Increased Murder Cases

Mzimba Pastors Fraternal, a grouping of religious leaders in the district, has expressed concern over the increase of murder cases in the district.

Speaking Monday during Mzimba Pastors Fraternal meeting, Chairperson for the religious grouping, Pastor Daniel Gondwe said the problem can only be curbed by divine intervention.

The religious grouping held the meeting to plan for an interdenominational day of prayers where the leaders will pray for God’s intervention in the fight against road traffic accidents, murder and suicide cases in the district.

“Road accidents, murder and suicide cases are becoming common scenarios in the district, hence the need to ask for divine intervention,” said Pastor Gondwe.

He said social ills and moral decay which have swallowed the district cannot be solved by human interventions only, saying God needs to intervene as human beings seem to have run out of ideas on how to handle the situation.

“We experience these social ills almost every month, with murder cases topping on the list,” he said.

Mzimba Police Public Relations Officer, Sergeant Patrick Botha, said there are a number of reasons why people commit murder in the district, citing among other factors, excessive beer drinking.

“Most people end up committing suicide after picking up quarrels under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes people kill each other over infidelity,” said Botha.

Botha then commended the grouping for its determination to seek God’s intervention on issues which have rocked the district.

“We will continue working in collaboration with the religious leaders and other stakeholders of good will as we strive to stamp out these social challenges in the district,” said Botha.

Meanwhile, Mzimba Pastors’ Fraternal has slated September 24, 2018 as a day for interdenominational prayers to take place at Holy Cross Church at Mzimba Boma.