Mutharika Calls for Party Discipline

President Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika has called upon Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials and members to be disciplined by being the first people to respect the laws of the country by exercising fiscal discipline in handling party finances.

Mutharika made the call at Kamuzu Palace on Friday at a DPP national fundraising dinner dubbed the Blue Night. He urged the party to desist from abusing the party’s property but rather own it by taking care of its property.

“I urge you to stop abusing party finances by inflating figures. The party belongs to all of us and as such we have to take care of our property whether finances or material property,” he said.

He, therefore, urged the party members to work hard at all levels of the party in order for the party to achieve its mission of developing the nation saying it is for that reason that DPP exists.

The president appealed to party members to strive to work for the party and not vice versa saying the party cannot run without finances and integrity.

“To achieve our mission we must sacrifice for the party. Let us give back to the party instead of waiting to receive from it. If you can’t afford money, you can sacrifice your time and wisdom on how to run the affairs of the party,” said Mutharika.

The Blue Night was organized to raise money to support the party in the campaign ahead of the 2019 tripartite elections and the  event was spiced by performances by the Sendera Sisters, Phungu Joseph Nkasa and the Black Missionaries.