Traditional Leaders to Guard Against Trafficking

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Cecelia Chazama has said traditional leaders need to take aleading role in their areas in initiating activities that would help to curb trafficking in persons.

She made the remarksTuesday at NambazoPrimarySchool ground in Phalombe during the commemoration of World Day Against Trafficking in Personswhose theme was Recompensing to trafficking of children and young people.

Chazama pointed out that Traditional leaders as custodian of their communities need to be on the look out to check trends of tracking in persons within their areas.

The Minister said the issue calls for collective collaboration among all stakeholders in the country saying cases of tracking in persons could be reduced if every member of the community is aware of the danger of the act.

“We need to guard against this vice and those involves in such acts should be reported to police or relevant authorities for an appropriate action. We have to join hands to ending trafficking in the country which happening negative impact to the social wellbeing of the country,” Chazama pointed out.

She called the judiciary to resist fromtemptation of corruption in handling trafficking issues saying once they allow that the country would be in total danger.

The Minister said magistrate need to pronounce stiffer punishments to would be offenders so that the malpractices should be curb in the country.

Chazama said traffickers are device modern ways of taking people for various means buturged communities to be vigilant when seeing strange people within their communities.

She said her Ministry would make use that more awareness campaigns are done throughout the country to discourage trafficking in persons as means of earning living.

“Those people being trafficked are being subject to a lot of exploitation and sometimes their lives are in danger. We need to be on the lookout always and safeguard our traditional norms of ensuring g that everybody else within our communities should know their whereabouts always,” Chazama observed.

The PrincipalSecretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Samuel Madula urged communities to constantly work with the Police in handling trafficking issues.

He said communities and Police should always cooperate on their issue of trafficking if cases are to be reduceddrastically in their areas.

Chairpersonfor MalawiNetworkAgainst Trafficking (MNAT), Rodrick Mulonya hailed government for bringing awareness campaigns on the dangers of trafficking in various schools in the country.

He said the campaign would help communities to realize that trafficking in persons is having negative impact to their social well-being and is detrimental to the development of the country.

District Commissioner(DC) for Phalombe, Gossam Mafuta expressed concern that Phalombe is being used as a transit route by traffickers from the neighbouring districts of Mulanje, Thyolo, Zomba, Chiradzulu and Machinga.

He said as a council they need to strengthen border committee members and provide capacity building for them to be able to execute their activitieseffectively.

Mafuta added that the Council would always provide support to Civil Society Organizations working in the district to reduce cases of trafficking in persons by extending necessary help.

Senior Chief Chiwalo called for multi sectoral approach in dealing withissues of trafficking in persons as a means to ending it.

He said chiefs should be in the forefront in encouraging their communities to form trafficking committeesto monitor movement of people in their areas with the help of both community policing members and police.

The Day is commemorated on July 30 annually by the International Community and the Phalombe event was spiced by traditional dances, comedy, poems, testimonies and a football match.