Member Of Cabinet Does Not Oppose Government

According to Laws of Malawi, Malawians do not vote for a party to form government. Malawians vote for a Presidential candidate who upon victory forms government together with their allies.

The Vice-President is elected concurrently with the President. As such, it is clear that His Excellency Arthur Peter Mutharika and Saulos Klaus Chilima formed government in 2014. They are all serving Malawians in the Executive arm of government.

No party forms government. I have fresh memory of 2005 as well as 2012. When Bingu dumped UDF in 2005, his status did not change.

He was still the president. When Bingu died in 2012, Joyce Banda ascended to the presidency because of the Laws of Malawi.  DPP was pushed to the opposition benches. This substantiate that the winning individual forms government not the party.

When the Vice-President says the current government is corrupt, it baffles me because he is part of the government in which he is one of the elected member.

At Gymkana Club, the Vice-President has endorsed demonstrations against government he is part of.
Going back to the introduction, we can see that the Vice-President is against his own government. In fact, he is against his own boss.

I understand why some quarters were calling for his resignation. Anyway, maybe the manner at which the agenda was advanced was misguided.

Some people argue that the VP cannot resign because he was elected by people. No. David Cameron is a living example. He resigned when Britain voted in favour of Brexit.  Another minister, Philip Lee, resigned on the grounds that the government UK government has irresponsible strategy to deliver Brexit aftermath.

Recently, BBC reported that Junior trade Minister Greg Hands has resigned from the government to oppose expansion of Heathrow Airport.

These are vivid examples of what happens when an elected or appointed member is against a certain policy or conduct should tender resignation.

Failing which means that the self-acclaimed saint is regarded to be part of the syndicate. It is possible that amzake akudya nyama iyeyo mafupa or thenga. Koma kudya akudya ndithu.

Another good example is Right Honorable Richard Msowoya. He resigned as a Minister when the late Bingu Wa Mutharika’s cabinet approved Equitable Access to Higher Education Selection Policy dubbed quota system. He showed good principles of leadership.

I know that some people will say that politicians have no powers. No. Why do we suggest reduction of power Transformation would be portrayed when the Vice-President resigns to part ways with the corrupt government.

Otherwise, clinging to the same government is a clear indication that he is there for benefits not interest of Malawians.

The Vice-President and some people manifested that the president is a good man. There is no need for the country should be calling for the downfall of the incumbent president.

In other words, the Vice-President is telling us that he is comfortable working with thieves. Birds of the same feathers flock together, so goes the saying.

It will do him better to quit the corrupt government and continue with his presidential bid. People always give examples of Cassim Chilumpha and Joyce Banda. The two were not against the government.

The Vice-President is not opposing DPP. He is opposing the government.  As it stand, the right person to take serious is Honourable Lazarus Chakwera who is opposing the government from the opposition.

By virtue of serving in the government that you feel is bad, it imply that you are part of the rotten school of fish.
It means you are pleased with policies and legislations that the government is is using. It is very simple.-(Opinion by Davis Khumayo Sato)