Noma Yanga Promo Receives Overwhelming Response

Be Forward Wanderers SMS campaign dubbed ‘Noma yanga’ has received overwhelming response from the Wanderers supporters barely three weeks after being launched.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Wednesday in Blantyre, Wanderers General Secretary, Mike Butao said that over 3, 000 supporters have subscribed for the promotion.

He said that, “we should thank the supporters for they have received the campaign positively though there were a number of problems which needed to be addressed.

“At first, we had system problems. The system was not recognizing subscribers but TNM has resolved it. Things are working according to plan, everything is just fine and the messages are being delivered,” Butao said.

The General Secretary elaborated that there were a number of reasons for the promotion. He pointed out that, “The first reason is to fundraise and the other one is to pay the database which will help us to inform the corporate world of the number of supporters that we have.”

Butao stressed that the promotion was promoting the club and that it was not a competition where prizes were to be won.

“At the moment, that fixture has not been added yet because we are trying to raise capital for those competitions but we will in due course. We have this permanent short code, eventually will be running competitions where supporters will be getting prize,” he stated.

Though receiving huge sponsorship from Japanese Company Be Forward, Wanderers still face a lot of challenges hence the campaign will help in addressing the problems at the club like paying of player salaries, accommodation when travelling, player bonuses and allowances.

The Nomads fans and supporters have to send a message entitled ‘Noma’ to the code 1010 to help in assisting the club financially.-MANA