Nomads Supporter Irks SDA Women

Director of the Women Ministry in the Seventh Day Adventist Church has condemned the use of ‘their’ church colours and uniform at football matches as part of supporters’ costume material.

This comes against a display made by a Mighty Be-Forward Wanderers’ supporter who was clad in the attire similar to that of the organization at a football match between Wanderers and Azam Tigers on Saturday, the 18th of August (2018) at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre.

In a letter that is circulating on social media, the Director of the grouping, popularly known as the ‘Dorcas Women’ has lamented the use of ‘their’ colours and uniform as football costume, calling it disturbing.

The letter states that this is an insult to the SDA Church in general and demeans their faith considering that it was done on a Saturday which is regarded as a holy Sabbath for the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

The Director of the Dorcas Women in Malawi, Emily Banda Egolet, says they have forgiven the individual, but they are injured.

“Although some SDA members patronize football games on the Sabbath, they do not do so clad in their church uniforms because they know that the uniform has a purpose and has to be respected as such,” complained Egolet.

She further indicated that although this complaint is from the Women’s Ministry as the injured party, the SDA church will declare its position on the matter soon.

Speaking on the matter, Mighty Be-Forward Wanderers Secretary General, Mike Butao, said it is difficult for him to respond as the team has not been furnished with an official complaint.

“It is important to fully understand the issue of contention before taking any action, so as a team we will wait for an official complaint from the injured party.

“Although we cannot control what our supporters wear at football matches, we are ready to apologize to the SDA church,” said Butao.

It has been a trend at football matches that supporters wear different costumes of different colours to boost morale for their respective teams but this extreme was a first of its kind and has received mixed reactions from the masses.