Un-Malawian Behaviour By Chakwera at a Funeral

The Once Mighty Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Reverend  Lazarus Chakwera was ‘caught pants’ down after a photo circulating on the social media showing him laughing and talking selfies at Oliver Mwembe  Msowoya’s funeral ceremony.

Oliver who was a brother to speaker of National Assembly and Former MCP’s Vice President Richard Msowoya died during the week after a short illness.

” With a heavy heart, I regret to announce that we have lost my eldest brother, Oliver. Family and friends will be gathering at home, in Nyungwe, to pay their final respects and later escort Oliver to his final resting place,” Speaker Msowoya posted on his official Facebook page.

Childish Chakwera talking selfie at funeral

In an interview with Maravi Express, Gogo  Alinafe Gwaza, 75, from Zomba said when she was growing up, funerals carried with them respect, dignity, humility and honour.

“Funerals in our time used to be respected immensely as it was a sad period for the family in question. Neighbors and close friends in the street would be considerate and avoid making noise and disturbing the family during mourning,” she said.

She added that: “People have become more and more inconsiderate of late under the blanket that it is their right to do what they want and there is very little elderly people can do now,”