UTM Urged Focus on Issue-Based Campaign

National Electoral Systems Trust (NEST) in collaboration with the Centre for Conflict Management and Women Development Affairs (CECOWDA) have condemned the tendency of castigating and name calling by politicians as they campaign for the 2019 votes.

A statement jointly signed by the two human rights non-governmental organizations at the weekend, has called on both old and new politicians on the scene to concentrate on issue based campaign as compared to tarnishing each other’s image.

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“The electorate need to be convinced as to why they should choose a particular candidate and not the other by being told the transformative plans that such candidates have for Malawi,” the statement authorized by NEST’s Executive Director Unandi Banda and head of CECOWDA, Carol Mvalo stated.

The statement added that the democracy that Malawians wanted and fought for in the early 1990s calls for people to exercise their rights with responsibilities in respect of other’s rights, hence the need for politicians to act responsibly.

The NEST and CECOWDA jointly owned statement emphasized the call on women politicians to refrain from castigating fellow women.

“Such conduct will jeopardize the efforts by all gender championing organizations who are currently eyeing the forthcoming elections as a platform for getting women into high leadership positions,” it added.

According to the statement, the condemnation is in response to the recent hate speeches that politicians have made against their opponents, especially women during campaign rallies.