Govt Warns Malata-Subsidy Suppliers

Government has warned suppliers of Decent Affordable Housing Subsidy Programme (DAHSP) in the country that they risk being blacklisted if they continue to supply sub-standard building materials for the programme.

Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Anna Kachikho gave the warned Thursday at Ufulu Gardens in Lilongwe during an interactive meeting with DAHSP suppliers.

She said the Ministry has received reports from various Districts Councils that some Suppliers for DAHSP programmes were providing sub-standard building material.

“Councils have been mandated to reject sub standard building materials for the programmes. Once your materials have been rejected by a council you will be black listed from participating in the programme and all government projects,” Kachikho stated.

She said this contrary to the contract agreement made between government and suppliers, whereby the expectation is that suppliers would only deliver high quality materials per the specifications.

“To root out these malpractices, we have gone further to advice all Councils and Housing Development Groups (HDGs) not to accept any sub-standard materials.

” Once such poor quality materials have been rejected, the Ministry will not honour the invoices for payment and will process to terminate the contract immediately and report such a supplier to the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Authority to be blacklisted,” the Minister warned.

She said it is necessary that as Suppliers, they need to take note of this message and councils and HDGs have been communicated regarding the delivery of poor quality building materials.

“We are calling all suppliers to ensure timely and orderly delivery of materials. Materials should be delivered in accordance with specifications and standards defined by the contract.

” There should be improved coordination and timely feedback among Suppliers, Councils and the Ministry through DAHSP secretariat, Kachikho explained.

Secretary for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Charles Msosa said the provision of decent housing to rural communities has helped to improve their living conditions.

He pointed out that government would make sure that the next phase of the programme things should be done according to the DAHSP plan.

“We have had some challenges in implementing the project but we need to overcome them and move forward so that the programme should be a success,” Msosa observed.

Over 100 suppliers attended the meeting the first of its kind since DAHSP was launched in 2015.-MANA