“No Distorted Political History For Malawian Children”- Mutharika

President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika (APM) says there is need for Malawian children to know true political history of their country that is not distorted.

The president uttered the statement Friday during his speech at the 54th Anniversary Independence Celebrations in Mzuzu.

Mutharika said it was of paramount importance for the youths to realise where they are coming from and the country’s political history for them to informed decisions and choices which can shape their future.

“He who does not know where he is coming from, doesn’t know where he is going, therefore we should never forget the back ground of our nation.

“Therefore, as a country, we need to ensure that our children understand the country’s history and how it has evolved forward,” Mutharika said.

Mutharika also said the Democratic Progressive Party is there to continue providing various development projects for better livelihoods for Malawians.

The celebrations were characterized with various traditional dances such as Honora from Nkhata Bay, Ingoma from Mzimba, Malawi defence Forces performances, Beni from Mangochi and Gule wankulu from Lilongwe among other dances from various districts across the country.