UN Ask for Speed Prosecution of Albino Killers

UN Women has expressed concern over the continued delays in prosecuting people in involved to conspiracy to murder, abduction and possession of human bones in the country.

The UN Women representative to Malawi, Clara Anyangwe who represented UN Coordinator to a expressed the concern during press briefing on Tuesday in a head of International day of Albinism which fall on June 13, but the country is to celebrate the day on June 23,2018 in Karonga.

She observed that the delays are instilling panic and fear in communities who expect that these cases will be expedited so that there id confidence in justice system.

“Of the 145 cases, 45 have been complete with a result of a conviction or acquittal, 47 cases are still investigation, 21 cases are in courts and the remainder of the cases are with the office of Director of Public Prosecution (DDP) were discontinued,” Anyangwe retorted

She said from the outlook of the cases, there have been no convictions for the murder of people with albinism until now, Anyangwe explained that there is firm hope that with the breakthrough of McDonald Masambuka case.

“There will be more links to lead the Prosecutors where perpetrators are and give us to why person with albinism are targeted,” the UN Women head pointed out

She noted that the rate of new attacks against person with albinism has fallen since 2016 and awareness on albinism has been strengthened.

“According to our information 145 incidents related to crimes against person with albinism have been reported to police in total since 2014 and many of them against women and children,” Anyangwe revealed.

Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Dr. Jean Kalilani said government is committed to ensuring that persons with albinism are involved in all national and societal development activities.

She pointed that government would ensure that persons with albinism are able to access the social services needed for their daily survival on an equal basis with others.

“To be inclusive and responsive in reporting on issues affecting persons with albinism in the country or elsewhere and take a lead in ending atrocities against persons with albinism in the country,” Kalilani pointed out.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mac lean Mgunda admitted that there are some delays in the prosecution process of the cases.

He said efforts are being made to ensure that albino cases are given a priority in order to attained prosecution.

“Police will always work hand in hand with various stakeholders in order to make breakthrough in albino issues. We need them to provide us with details which could earn conviction in court,” Mgunda explained.