IREV Partnership Intends to Boost Malawi Economy

People who are serious about internet marketing will boost their economy levels through Internet Revolution (Irev) partners, a network advertising consultancy companies need to undertake before embarking on marketing.

Irev partnership is a registered business organization that provides information to networking marketing specialists on how and which companies to venture into when it comes to network marketing.

In a recent interview with the Malawi News Agency (Mana), Director of Operations for Irev partners, Geoffrey Saidi said the main objective of the institution is to help people with their businesses through business platforms after observing that there are a lot of businesses that are done through internet.

“We decided to come up with an idea to research and evaluate as to which companies we can present to people and advise them to join. The suggestion came in after observing that other countries have gone so far with similar initiative,” said Saidi.

According to Saidi, the program is going to boost the financial system of most Malawians who are yearning to join as members of Irev partners saying it is a powerful initiative which has already boosted financial levels of most people in neighboring countries.

“The team of Irev partners is doing great and is doing a lot of charity stuff to help their communities in turn they boost the economy of their countries as well,” he said.

He further assured all Malawians that the organization is here to stay saying the personnel leading the project are diehards of network marketing.

“Our intention is to change lives of most people and we are here to stay, the workforce spearheading the program is hard working and its members are specialists in network system advertisement and will really ensure that Malawians boost their economy,” he assured.