Parents Urged to Support their Children to Read, Write

Parents and guardians in Ntcheu have been asked to take a leading role in supporting their children to read and write after normal classes so as to improve their reading and understanding capabilities of issues in life.

Speaking when he presided over a reading fair competition organized by Gumbu  Primary Education zone in the district, Ntcheu District Education Inspector of Schools, Chimango Kumcheza said parents and guardians too have the responsibility to ensure that children have time to read and write while at home.

“People think that it is only the responsibility of a teacher to make learners read and write. They don’t know that apart from the normal classes that we offer to them, we also rely upon them to help us enhance learners’ skills by providing support to them when they are at home.” He explained.

According to him, the support could be providing the learners with additional reading materials and reading with them the time they are home, among others.

Kumcheza said building learner’s foundation base requires a multi-sectoral approach from all players hence the call to parents and guardians to take a leading role through the reading fairs.

Primary Education Advisor (PEA) for Gumbu Zone, Ned Misuku said the district has registered tremendous change in learners’ capabilities to read and write since the national reading program started in the district.

“We used to have Early Grade Reading Activity (EGRA) before, which also supported learners to read and write. The coming in of NRP has helped many schools to build a strong reading culture in the district. That is why we organized this reading fair to demonstrate to our parents and guardians that it is possible to make learners read from an early stage,” he added.

During the reading fair, learners from Gumbu Zone Clusters that performed well during cluster performances showcased their reading and learning skills to parents and guardians that attended the fair and were presented with assorted gifts.

Gumbu Zone has 18 Primary Schools which include 13 government schools and five private primary schools.

NRP is a government program which aims at improving the reading and language skills of learners from standard one to four through the provision of evidence based text books and teacher’s guides, enhancement of teachers reading instructional skills and the engagement of communities in building a reading culture at home and communities.-MANA