MASM Justifies Upward Revision of Contribution Rates

Medical Aid Society of Malawi (MASM)says the upwards contribution rates revision is reasonable saying the paid claims have risen from K1.3 billion to K1.5 billion per month.

Chief Executive Officer for Masm, Sydney Chikoti said in an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Monday following a press statement which was released on May 30, 2018.

“The increases in paid claims were resulting into delays in paying the claims to our service providers. So with this revision, we will once again strengthen our agreement, hence our members enjoying quality services.

“With this situation at hand, we had two options. Best of it being raising the contribution rates rather that cutting down on the benefits that the members enjoy which could also be an outcry, since they got used to enjoying quality medical services in private hospitals with Masm,” he said.

Chikoti urged members to stop the malpractice of handling over their Masm cards to non members to access medical treatment adding that this act increases number and amount for paid claims.

“Through customer service officer we have detected a lot of fraud cases in which if it was not for this case the figures could not go that higher,” he said.

One of Masm member, who chose to hide his identity, said that the rise of contribution rate is not fair to the public considering the economic hardships in the country.

“I understand they have revised contribution rates however, they could have also considered us since most of us are passing through economic hardships,” he said.

On issue of fraud, the source revealed that is not enough reason to revise contribution rates as is not everyone who do this kind of act and suggested for use of biometric member identification to end the practice.-MANA