More Efforts Needed to Reduce GBV

As Gender Based Violence is on the alarming rate in Nsanje, the District’s Gender Based Violence Technical Working Group has decided to increase effort in reducing the vice.

One of the group members who happen to be Nsanje Police Station Community Policing and Victim Support Coordinator, Sub inspector Rex Mulawu, in an interview on the sidelines of the group’s meeting Monday said although they are trying their best to reduce GBV cases in the district there is a need to add more effort in some aspects for better results.

He said Gender Based Violence is a very hot issue in the district which needs serious concerted efforts from different stakeholders in order to address the current situation.

“We do register a number of GBV cases every month. For example, as police only, we have registered 38 cases in the month of April and coming this May we have registered 46 cases.

We are very sure that the number could even go upwards by the end of the month,” the Coordinator explained. Mulawu explained that they have plans to reach out to some hard to reach areas of the district with awareness campaigns on impacts of GBV and where to report if their rights have been violated.

He said hard to reach areas have always being sidelined for a long time which can be another factor as well that increase GBV in the district as many are not aware of its negative costs.

Mulawu expressed concern over the absence of district First Grade Magistrate as he said it is affecting completion of defilement case which its files are accumulating dust.

“As Nsanje District, we have no First Grade Magistrate since November 2018 when the former retired.

As we are speaking now, when resources permit, we ask Chikwawa First Grade magistrate to come down to take up the cases. As a result defendants find an opportunity to bribe the victims not to continue with the cases which hinders justice,” he said.

Another member of the GBV technical working group, Patrick Kopolo from District Social Welfare Office said the GBV cases are really on the increase in the district.

“This can be a positive or negative development in a sense that it shows that people are now aware of where to report when they get violated.

There is a need to keep on informing people on the impact of GBV and also come up with solutions to address possible causes of GBV where possible,” he added.-MANA