MAREP 8 Lights up Gawanani Traditing Centre in Machinga

Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Aggrey Masi on Saturday switched on Msosa Power Line to mark the official lighting of Gawanani Trading Centre in Traditional Authority Nkula in Machinga.

Msosa Power Line has been installed under Malawi Rural Electrification Programme (MAREP) Phrase 8 whose aim is to transform the country’s economy and reduce poverty by increasing access to electricity to rural and peri-urban communities.

Speaking at the switching-on ceremony of the power line held at Gawanani Health Centre in Machinga District, Masi reiterated government’s commitment to end power black-outs in the country.

He said government has lined up a number of projects aimed at increasing the power capacity, thereby ending power shortage in the country.

“The switching on of this power line demonstrates government’s commitment to provide more Malawians with electricity including those living in rural areas,” he said.

He said electricity is a catalyst for development, adding that government, through MAREP 8 is electrifying 336 trading centres across the country.

So far, MAREP 8 has electrified seven other trading centres in Machinga namely Mtambo, Mangamba, Ntholowa, Chiguni, Chabwera and Nanyumbu.

Speaking during the occasion, Paramount Chief Kawinga commended government for the installation of the power line, saying electricity is likely to transform people’s lives in the area.

“People have been looking forward to government and this day marks the new beginning of life for people of Gawanani and surrounding areas. They will now be able to do their businesses even during odd hours.

“For sure, young people are likely to venture into small and medium business through this project. For this, we are very grateful to government for considering us,” he said.

Turning to the community, the Paramount Chief advised them to make good use of the electricity and avoid vandalizing the electricity equipment.

He said the sustainability of the power line depends on the attitude and behaviour of the community.

“This Power Line belongs to us. So let us take care of the equipment by avoiding undesirable behaviour,” he said.

He also asked government to consider electrifying other rural areas in the district as the program advances.

President Peter Mutharika launched MAREP phase 8 on 5th April, this year (2018) at Ngolowera Primary School in Mulanje and is estimated to be completed towards the end of the year. Funds for MAREP phase 8 come from the Rural Electrification Fund.