Action Aid Hails Development Partners’ Support

Since 1991 Action Aid Malawi (AAM) started its implementation in the country, they have always envisioned, excluded and marginalized groups such as women, girls and children living a life of dignity.

This explains that they investment in areas such as capacity building, awareness and advocacy in human rights and governance, early childhood development, education, economic empowerment and resilience in face of shocks orchestrated by climate change.

For this, they express gratitude to donor partners such as the Global Fund, Roger Federer Foundation, NORAD, Royal Norwegian Embassy (RNE) EU, UNICEF, Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) Millennium Challenge Account, Tilitonse Fund, WFP, OSISA, to mention but a few, and numerous individual sponsors who have kept ActionAid vision alive.

In an interview, AAM Executive Director Grace Malera said the world and Malawi country formulate new policies such as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS III) the non-state actors need to respond by aligning interventions to both global and domestic aspirations.

“AAM is now finalizing the development of a Country Strategy Paper (CSP) V, Action for Social Justice that builds onto the previous ones while contributing to the targets enshrined in both the SDGs and MGDSIII,” said Malera.

However, she said in course of implementation of various interventions it shows that poverty remains stubbornly pervasive in most of communities in the country. This undermines citizens’ enjoyment of human rights, including the right to human dignity.

Executive Director further said the government is still offer costly tax-breaks to huge corporate companies at the expense of the country’s dwindling tax-base meant to support delivery of social services.

“Education and health situation is made worst by weak mechanisms for transparency, accountability and inclusivity in public finance Management,” she said.

The aforementioned factors that Action Aid is fighting against are the actual faces of poverty and injustice. And it is on this account that Action Aid Malawi is extending its doors to donors, partners and individuals of goodwill to partner together and respond to the factors that fuel poverty.

AAM Head of Fundraising and Communications Tiwonge Kumwenda Simkonda said they have achieved and registered numerous things with the previous financial support that was given to them in impetus to keep fundraising for more, lasting results against poverty and injustice.

“We have one of the most robust financial systems to ensure that donor resources reach the intended purpose,” said Simkonda.

Action Aid Malawi migrated to an upgraded accounting package that seeks to integrate all financial systems within the ActionAid Federation and link them to an online banking system.

The new package has multi-currency applications which will enable them to easily conduct the analysis of the accounting systems and enhance accountability of funds at Action Aid. They ask the partners to work together for the next 5 years (2018-2023).

Among other participants, Chinsapo Community Based Childcare Centre (CBCC) member Patricia Lake said exacerbate the poverty situation are the country’s social, cultural and political factors that prohibit rather than facilitate the fight against poverty.

“Some communities still hold onto cultural practices that deny the girl child the right to education. Some communities still hold onto cultural practices that violence against women and girls which deny them right to own property and productive means such as land,” said Lake.

Chinsapo CBCC member added that many poor communities especially women, children, elderly and disabled are still look ill-prepared for climate change induced disasters.