I Have the Desire to Search God-Professor Mutharika

The First Lady Madame Prof. Gertrude Mutharika Sunday attended a prayer service at Kapita Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) congregation in Lilongwe where she shared her reflection on spiritual life with the gathering.

Speaking during the service held under the theme “A call to love”, Madame Prof. Mutharika said she plans to visit and congregate with more than one church during Sunday services of worship and other religious events to demonstrate her faith in God.

“I have the desire to search God. I want to assure you that I will be present not only in this church but many others so that one day I see God,” Professor. Mutharika told the jam-packed church hall that hosted the service.

Referring to John chapter 20 verses 15 to 16, which were amongst those read by Kapita Church Minister Reverend Christopher Kanyenda, Professor. Mutharika said Mary Magdalene was seeking Jesus Christ and found Him.

“I have learnt a lot from the pastor’s preaching. One of the lessons I have taken is church attendance and the search for God. I have heard from God and I have to be available to listen to God,” she said.

In his sermon, Reverend Kanyenda said attending church is very significant because it ensures that those who fall short of faith have the chance of being saved and continuously walk with Jesus.

Then the reverend bemoaned the conduct of some people in valuing earthly things at the expense of their spiritual life.

“It is unfortunate that some people only know how to search for employment and not God. They do not attend Sunday service of worship, morning devotions, women, men and youth guilds’ meetings including prayer and fasting days,” Kanyenda said.

He then called on the congregation to demonstrate love for Christ because saying Jesus responds well to the love people show him.

Kapita CCAP congregation, which is under the Nkhoma Synod, is currently holding both English and Chichewa Sunday services in a hall because the main church structure is undergoing renovations.