President Mutharika for a Malaria Free Malawi By 2030

Though Malawi has employed a number of interventions to reduce malaria, the country’s President Arthur Peter Mutharika says there are gaps which need filling to ensure the country ends malaria by 2028.

Mutharika was speaking Wednesday when he told delegates of the malaria situation in Malawi at the Malaria Summit in London which was held under the theme ‘Ready to Beat Malaria’.

He said the country has a 2017-2022 strategic plan which it is implementing to ensure that the country reduces malaria by 2022 or earlier.

Just like other leaders, mostly of African countries, Mutharika made commitment to step up efforts in malaria fight so that the country is free of the disease by 2030.

Other leaders who spoke at the summit include Prince Charles of Wales, business tycoon Bill Gates presidents of Kenya, Gambia, Mozambique and Ghana, just to mention a few.

The delegates described malaria a disease that has implications on the economy of any country as it impacts on people’s health, thereby reducing their participation in economic development of their respective countries.

According to leaders at the summit, 25 per cent of the world’s population under the age of 24 years are under threat of malaria.

Mutharika is in London for the 2018 Commonwealth Head of Government meetings and is fulfilling a number of engagements, including participating in different forums.-MANA