Chief Cast Doubt on Sustainability of Social Cash Transfer Programme

Group Village Head (GHV) Zamula of Traditional Authority Mponela in Dowa has expressed doubt if the Social Cash Transfer (SCT) Programme dubbed Mtukula pakhomo, will benefit the country`s economy, observing that many beneficiaries of similar Programmes misuse resources they freely receive from different government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

In an interview with Malawi News Agency Thursday, he said every project being implemented in the country need sustainability and proper monitoring mechanisms, saying this ensures continuity and effectiveness.

Zamula said many people have developed syndrome of receiving free things rather than a hard working one, and usually misuse the resources instead of using them to improve their lives and the country`s economy.

The GVH said chiefs alone cannot monitor how beneficiaries are using the money and urged government to work hand in hand with local structures in monitoring the Mtukula pankhomo programme, so that the little money received should be put to proper use.

Mtukula pankhomo programme was piloted in Mchinji in 2006 and has been extended to some districts including Dowa with funding from government and the donor partners such as the Irish Aid, World Bank, European Union (EU) among others.

The programme targets the ultra-poor and labor constraints people, with monthly small sums of money to buy their needs.