Multi-Billion Kwacha Tsangano-Neno Road First Phase Commences

Government has commenced construction of the long awaited multi-billion Tsangano – Neno – Mwanza road in Ntcheu which will be upgraded from an earth road to bitumen standard road.

The upgrading of the road which is being done by the Engineers department of the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) started on April, 3, 2018 and so far 5 kilometres of the road from Tsangano turn off has been covered with earth works.

The first phase of the road will cover 21 kilometres from Tsangano turn off to Kambilonjo trading centre and is being financed by the government to a tune of K 9.6 billion.

Speaking on Thursday after visiting the road to see progress made so far, Minister of Transport and Public Works, Jappie Mhango said he was happy that the construction of the road has finally started.

He pointed out that Tsangano-Neno Mwanza road is an important road which when finished would contribute toward the growth of the economic development of the country.

“The benefits of this road are too numerous as you know that Tsangano is an agriculture rich area where they grow lots of crops like irish potatoes, cabbages, tomatoes, onions and others that we consume across Malawi. So its economic importance cannot be over emphasized,” the Minister viewed.

Asked if issues of compensations have already been done, Mhango said government through the district council in Ntcheu has already started looking into the issue.

                                                   Malawi Defence Forces engineers on the site

“The issue of compensation is a long process and the district council is liaising with different stakeholders on the matter to determine how much will be paid for compensations and we expect that all those that will be affected will be compensated accordingly,” he stated.

Traditional Authority Mpando said the construction of the road would bring tangible development in his area.

“This project is long overdue. Communities from this area have waited for so long for this road to be upgraded. This is a very bad road as you can see and my people have been facing challenges to transport their farm produce to the market,” he narrated.

The Chief added that “transport costs for this area are very expensive because the road is very bad. We hope that after completion, passengers will be paying less and spend less time on travel.”

Commander for MDF, General Griffin Spoon Phiri said the defence force engineers have accepted the challenge and promised to construct a good road that people in the country should appreciate.

“We are very ready to undertake this project and I would like to assure people of this are as well as Malawians that we will do quality work. We have done the road in area 43 and we are doing some roads in Blantyre city. We are professionals we cannot compromise the quality,” he promised.