Malawi to Have Rastafarian President, Ras Chikomeni Joins Presidential Race

Nyabinghi Elder Ras Chikomeni Chirwa has expressed interest to contest for the presidency in the forth-coming 2019 Tripartite Elections as an independent candidate.

Speaking with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Thursday the aspiring presidential candidate said he was driven by lack of equal rights and justice in the country to people of his faith.

“To me to stand is a clear demonstration that the rule of law is being upheld and I would like to take my candidature to help fight the coexistence of Rastafarian family who to some extent are being discriminated,” he said.

Ras Chirwa said once in power, he will bring policies of development focusing on agriculture, sports, culture and arts which will help to boost the economy of the country.

“I will bring policies which will attract foreign currency into the country and will be involving the citizens in every step of the development activities as they are the right people who are supposed to benefit from these activities,” he said.

The Nyabinghi Elder emphasized that he woukd encourage the use of Industrial hemp as it could be used to produce medicine and it woukld help in afforestation which reduce global warming.

Chirwa has called for well-wishers who could support him to pay the nomination fees to achieve his dream.

“I want the organizations that support people who have interest in politics to help me so that come 2019 I can be one of the contestants during the elections,” he added.

Ras Chikomeni Chirwa is renowned farmer, mostly grows beans and he is a holder of Malawi Certificate of Education.