Malawi Activist Chidothe Named Pan African Youth Democracy Ambassador

Youth and Women activist Carol Chidothe has been named regional ambassador the Pan African Youth Democracy Fellowship CANVASSITY program in the Southern Africa.

CANVASSITY Pan African Youth Democracy Fellowship is a dynamic youth program designed to improve the capacity of young people to effectively engage and support elected representatives and government institutions to improve government efficiency, raise accountability and foster citizen-government collaboration in Africa.

Chidothe expressed delight  saying the honor bestowed upon her was for all young Malawian women, she was particularly pleased to associate herself with the vision of the Pan African Youth Democracy Fellowship and ensured her full participation to the program.

The vibrant youth leader said in her capacity as the regional ambassador she would come up with a plan of activities and programs that will increase the youth participation in good governance.

“During this period I desire to create sound youth programs and promote youth leadership. There is a need to promote the spirit of leadership and patriotism amongst youths in the region and it is my hope that things would change during this period ,” said Chidothe who is the Executive Director for Center for Women and Girls Empowerment (CEWOGE).

Chidothe is a 2015 fellow of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), a signature program of former US president Barrack Obama for young African leaders, Southern Africa in Business and Entrepreneurs Development.