People’s Party Mafia Kasambara Belongs to Jail, DPP wants Bail Revoked

There was a little tension at Blantyre High Court on Wednesday after Judge Dunstain Mwaungulu granted bail pending appeal to former Justice Minister and Attorney General, Ralph Kasambara.

Soon after the Judge had passed his two-hour judgment, the Director of Public prosecution (DPP) Mary Kachale was seen running up and down making efforts to meet the judge.

About 15 minutes later, the court met again in chambers but the public as well as the media were denied entry, a thing which raised eyebrows.

However, soon after the short meeting, the DPP refused to comment on the matter saying “Whatever we were discussing was not for public consumption, which is why it was in chambers. So right now, I can’t say anything”.

But Kasambara told the media soon after the mini court session that the DPP was not happy with the bail, hence calling on the judge to revoke it.

“She said she will appeal before nine judges to consider revoking the bail. But am not surprised because we have not been in good terms since the case started but am looking forward to the appeal,” said Kasambara.

He then expressed his happiness about the new development saying it is a sign of relief not only to him but also to his accomplices as they too are now assured that justice will soon take its course.

The appeal in as far as the case is concerned is expected to commence May, according to Kasambara.

However, his accomplices Pika Manondo and Macdonald Kumwembe were denied the bail on the grounds that they did not follow proper procedures in as far as bail pending appeal is concerned.

Kumwembe and Manondo were consequently sentenced to 15 years and 11 years imprisonment each on the convictions of attempted murder and conspiracy to murder, respectively.

Kasambara was convicted after being found guilty in conspiracy to murder in the shooting of the former Budget Director, Paul Mphwiyo’s case in 2013.-MANA