Karonga District Council Constructs Bins Worth MK2.8 Million

Karonga District Council has constructed 30 concrete refuse bins worth K2.8 million in a bid to promote hygiene practices around the district’s main market amid continued cholera cases in the district.

District Council chairperson Harry Mwanyembe said Wednesday that there were increased unhygienic practices among vendors who could just throw garbage anywhere around the market hence the project.

“We have finally completed construction of 30 concrete bins surrounding the market which has cost us about K2,850, 000.

“We are hopeful this will bring sanity in terms of hygiene around the market,” Mwanyembe said.

Karonga Market chairperson Godwin Ghambi commended the council’s gesture saying the vendors had complained about lack of such facilities for long.

“This is a welcome development. We will together with the council set up bylaws to ensure everyone at the market utilizes the bins so that issues of hygiene are improved.

“We request the council to make sure they collect garbage from the bins on time. We have previously seen piles and piles of garbage staying months without being collected for proper disposal, which is bad to people’s health,” Banda said.