No One Deserves Compensation- Roads Authority

National Roads Authority (NRA) spokesperson, Portia Kajanga has said there is no one who will deserve to be given any compensation except a house which is closer to Area 18 roundabout whereby the case is now mediating in court.

“All the structures that are within Area 49-Area 18 to Parliament Roundabout and Kaunda road were there illegally constructed,” said Kajanga.

Kajanga said this Friday during Tentative program for community sensitization on health, safety and environment at Chimutu Teachers Development Centre (TDC) hall in area 18A, Lilongwe.

NRA, Mota-Engil, Lands Housing and Urban Development, Lilongwe City Council, Traditional Leaders, Kabaza bicycle transporters and councilors were among the officials that graced the occasion, after which the media were conducted on a tour of the road under construction.

The NRA spokesperson said the road will cost K6.7 billion from roads fund administration under the government sector after a loan agreement with NBS Bank. “After the work is done the government will refund the money as per the period agreed,” she assured.

Kajanga said government plans to expand the road network within the city and make sure issues of congestion by motorists are drastically reduced.

She said there were several roads within the city which needed to be upgraded to dual carriageways saying government is in the process of sourcing funds to implement such projects.

Mota-Engil Public Relations Officer, Thomas Chafunya said as contractors they will complete the work in October this year because the most difficult part of making water drainage (bridges) has been done.

“We are done with waterway drainage patterns at Nankhaka Bridge and others which have five channels to reduce floods as opposed to the first one which had one cell. We will also bring more working materials from Zalewa camps and employ more workers,” said Chafunya.

He further said they are also working together with Electricity Supply Cooperation of Malawi (ESCOM) and Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) to meet the deadlines.

Block leader for Area 49 Guliver Sector 1, Square Chakwana asked the government to consider compensating those raising and selling flowers along the Kaunda road since they depend on that to earn a living although it was illegal vending.

He further said the upgrading of the road would ease the congestion of traffic the city is experiencing due to increase in volume of motor vehicles that are plying the road.

“We believe the upgrading of the roads will enable traffic users have a more moving space when coming or going to city centre from various locations of the city,” Chakwana observed.

He added that the road has been designed to incorporate modern safety features such as separation of motorized and non-motorized traffic.

“The upgrading of the road will improve safety of road users and reduce travel time motorists were enduring by using the road particularly during peak hours,” he noted.