Construction of Multi-Million Kwacha Thondwe – Mkumba Bridge Starts

Minister of Transport and Public Works, Jappie Mhango, has launched the construction of MK211 Million Thondwe – Mkumba Bridge in Zomba Chisi where mobility of people and goods was compromised at the expense of socio-economic development.

Speaking during the launch this week in Zomba, Mhango said it was government’s obligation to ensure provision of infrastructural development that can facilitate easy transportation of people and goods across the country.

Mhango, therefore, assured that government would ensure that most rural parts were connected to markets, health facilities and other essential public service facilities.

“It remains the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) – led government’s commitment to make all places accessible in the country by providing good road network so that people can have easy mobility and participate in national development,” Mhango pointed out.

The newly launched bridge will be built on Thondwe River at Makawa Village where communities were advised not to steal materials during construction or vandalize the facility once completed.

The minister also asked traditional leaders to conduct supportive supervision on the civil works to ensure timely completion and good quality work.

Mhango also advised the contractor to employ people from the area to ensure locals benefit from the project as opposed to hiring unskilled labour outside the project area.

Dawn Civil Engineering has been contracted to construct the concrete deck bridge which is expected to be completed in five months, according to Zomba District Council.

Speaking at the launch, Member of Parliament for Zomba Chisi, Mark Botomani said the bridge was ‘a dream comes true’ for people in the constituency, who for a long time had difficulties to cross the Thondwe River.

“We have waited for a long time to have a bridge on Thondwe River. This is the happiest moment for me personally and people in this area. Absenteeism at school will also be addressed as children will go to school even in the rainy season,” said Botomani.

Botomani further commended government for connecting five trading centres in Zomba – Chisi to electricity under the current phase of Malawi Rural Electrification Programme.

The parliamentarian, therefore, asked his constituents to support the government in its efforts of fulfilling its development agenda.