Construction of MK 236 Million Nsanje Market Begins in Earnest

Construction of the Nsanje Boma Market has started after the district council successfully evicted vendors last month who were reluctant to leave on condition that they should be compensated.

A visit by Malawi News Agency (Mana) to the K236Million market project on Monday established that the contractor had started clearing the land which is a clear indication that construction works have started in earnest.

One of the businessmen, Boniface Antonio told Mana that the business community expects to have a new market with modern facilities unlike with the old one which has since been demolished.

“The construction work has started as you can see. We feel that the construction will not take long as the land which we have been located to build our temporary shelters is far from our customers.

“Therefore, we are expecting that the construction work would be completed in time so that our customers should easily have access to our merchandise,” said Antonio.

Nsanje District Council Chairperson, Mabvuto Kamba said the council was happy that the construction works have started, noting that the new market would provide people in the district with the much needed facilities and create a conducive environment for doing business.

“We are very proud that the construction works have started. It is a milestone for the district, as far as development is concerned. You may be aware that it has taken the council four years for the construction to start due to the resistance that was there with vendors demanding very unrealistic compensations,” Kamba said.

He said the construction of the market would bring relief to the council considering that it was under panic when government threatened to withdraw resources meant for the project as the vendors were derailing the whole process.
In September 2017, Nsanje District Council threatened to use force to evict Nsanje vendors out of the district’s main market to pave way for the construction of the multi – million kwacha market as vendors continued to resist government’s decision to demolish their structures without giving them compensation.

Senior Chief Malemia, in whose area the market would be constructed, told the vendors in the face that he could not afford to lose the project because of a few overzealous individuals bent at frustrating government’s development efforts.-MANA