Govt Warns People of Prohibited Tobacco Products

Malawi Government has warned the general public that the State of Qatar has banned entry of a number of tobacco products and its derivatives into its territories.

Government gave the warning through a press release made available to Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Friday and signed by Secretary for the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, Erica Maganga.

The statement says the banned and prohibited tobacco products and its derivatives into Qatar include chewed tobacco or sweika (snuff tobacco) in any form and under any name.

Other banned tobacco products are electronic cigarette or Sheesha and smoking kits stimulators, automated devices designed to sell cigarettes including the advertising, promotion, sponsorship or publicity of tobacco and its derivatives.

The ban is not specific to Malawi but the government advises the general public to be wary of the prohibitions and that any person attempting to carry any of the banned products to Qatar will be subject to legal liability.

“While this ban is not specific to Malawi, government wishes to alert Malawian citizens travelling to State of Qatar that possessing, transferring or smuggling of such items and indicated in the list while entering the state of Qatar would expose their holders to legal accountability,” the statement reads.