Salima Formulate By-laws to Promote Education

In an effort to promote education for the most marginalized children, communities around Traditional Authority (T/A) Mwanza have formulated community by-laws through the Centre for Youth Empowerment and Civic Education (CYECE).

Mwanza is among the T/A’s that is struggling with high school dropouts and early child marriages.

Speaking during the launch of the community by-laws in Salima on Friday, the District coordinator for CYECE Joseph Magareta said that the by-laws will help to eradicated child marriages, child labor and help children to go back to school.

        Mwanza posing with the by-laws

“This is the only turning point for the communities, the by-laws they have formulated will help them to take responsibility of their children as they will be checking on each other while abiding by the by-laws that have been launched”

Magareta urged the communities to fully utilize the by-laws as they will help them to promote education in their area, hence sustain the future for the young ones in the area.

In her sentiments , T/A Mwanza said the formulated by-laws are just complementing her efforts in fighting the battle against child and early marriages.

“This is an extra gear for my fight as the communities now will be guided the by-laws and whatever they will be doing will be in accordance with it, as such, they will be non to blame when they are against the law”

She further observed that the by-laws were a great opportunity for the area since they could help keep the most marginalized children in school.

Brighton Chunga, Community Development Officer for Salima stressed on the responsibility of every parents and guardians to look after their children and make sure that they are enrolled in school.

The by-laws have been formulated by the communities facilitated by CYECE under its project Support for Action for the most Marginalized Children Education.