Machinga Youths Urged to be Responsible

Youth in the country need to be provide with a conducive democratic space if they are to contribute positively to their social economic development.

Youth Impact Organization Acting Executive Director, Raquin Bongwe told Malawi News Agency in an interview on Monday in Machinga.

She said for the youth to exercise their democratic rights they ought to be provided a platform where they could show their potential to contribute to country’s development agenda.

Bongwe pointed out that the youth have a potential to deliver the goods if given a platform to exercise their democratic rights and responsibilities.

“A conducive democratic space can provide them a platform to put across their views to duty bearers regarding development and if their views are taken on board, they can get encouraged to work hard in development activities,” the Acting Executive Director noted.

She observed that when the youth are not given chance to exercise their democratic rights, they become disoriented and never achieve what they intend to achieve in life.

“Because they are demotivated and disoriented, some resort to go to South Africa for pastures new but end up “regretting” later because they never find a decent job up there,” Bongwe observed.

She urged the youth in the district to be responsible enough in their undertaking to be taken seriously.

Bongwe commended the youth who have volunteered to work in Early Childhood Development centres saying this is way of participating in development.

Machinga is one of the district with high number of the youths facing different challenges ranging from poverty and unemployment.